Time to get organised!

One of the best parts of starting off a new year is all of the dreams you have and the goals you start setting and let’s face it, can you even start a new year without discussing the topic or getting organised? We’ve put together some of our top tips to help get you organised for 2021!

Clean it out – When Christmas rolls around each year there is an excess of additional clutter that moves in too and it’s not all used or needed. Take the time to clean out that surplus of goods. Make piles to ‘keep’ ‘donate’ and ‘bin’. If this task feels too big, then why not break it down and tackle one room a week. Slowly and surely, you’ll feel the weight lifted off your shoulders in no time.

Write it down – we have so much on our plates these days, from dance or soccer practice, to library day and birthdays and let’s all be honest that it can get overwhelming at times. Try writing it down. This includes your schedule, shopping list, birthdays, holidays, dog’s vaccine and rego reminder dates, anniversaries – the list goes on… Whether it be on a calendar, diary, in your phone or simply on a post-it on the fridge, write it down and get it out of your head and on a page.

Everything has its place – do you end up with those items that seem to move from the kitchen bench to the bottom draw to only never get used – and sometimes you don’t even know where they came from but you didn’t want to throw it out in case it was needed for something……  Giving everything it’s designated place will help you and your family to put things where they belong and will save you time and decision fatigue. While you’ll still come up with those bits and bobs that you have no idea what they are for, pop them into a container and revisit often and think ‘do I need this?’ and cull accordingly.

Know your day/week/month ahead – Do you ever get to the end of the day and think “I didn’t get anything done today!” Planning your day, week and month will see you kicking goals and feeling like you’re more productive than ever! At the start of the week simply write down what you need to do in the week ahead. Then break them down into days and start your ‘to do’ lists. That way when it comes to the morning you know exactly what you need to get done. Here’s another important part, at the end of each day review it – what did you miss that you can do tomorrow and add it to the list. Put some easy achievable wins on there too so that you feel like you’re accomplishing your tasks. It could be go for a walk, send a friend or loved one an encouraging text – it’ll make your day and theirs 😊

Labels and containers –Remember during COVID when everyone started recreating their pantries, linen cupboards and wardrobes??? Oh weren’t they so satisfying! Well these areas can be used pretty much every day so why not make them eye catching and easy to navigate. We’ll admit that labelling and buying containers or baskets put a dent in the budget, but doesn’t have to be. Kmart and The Reject Shop have some really affordable containers, but if you can’t afford it then see what you already have and it’s not essential that you label. Just do what you can

Say no – You know those days when you’re run off your feet and have a million things on and then someone calls and asks ‘hey would you mind picking this up for me?’ or ‘can you call so and so see if they have this and get them to put it aside?’ While it’s great when you can offer your assistance, remember that on those days when you really can’t, it’s ok to simply say ‘no’. You may feel bad a first, but it’ll quickly pass when you get back to your own list of priorities.

Ask for help – This may seem a tad ironic after the last point (yeah we get it) but it’s a really great way to decrease pressure or during those times when we just need a little help. We’re all guilty of wanting things done our way or what is also know as ‘the right way’, like the washing or stacking dishwasher, but when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a little help don’t feel bad asking. Even if it only gets you 5 extra minutes, it can mean that you can have those few extra moments to breath.

Celebrate your wins – When you accomplish one of your goals or a big tasks reward yourself! Sometimes it’s easy to move straight onto the next job on the list, but if you’ve just achieved a win then you deserve to treat yourself. It could be a glass of wine, a massage or throwing on your favourite song and dancing it out,  whatever you like just remember to take the time out to give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it!

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